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About Advanced Hypnotic Selling

This series has been surrounded by controversy from the start. Soon after the first workshop that David Kennedy and I hosted, crammed into a small room with Sales People literally flowing out the door of the rooms we crammed the participants into, ‘A Current Affair’ ran an article on what Hypnotic Selling is and how it can be used to increase one’s business, sales skills, and other interpersonal communications.


Let’s face it, we’re all in sales. Whether it’s influencing your kids, partner, boss at work, friends and colleagues, our ability to have others be persuaded to our point of view is critical to our success and life, and frankly, the better you are at influence and persuasion, the more successful you are in life. These training resources are designed to give you the edge in these areas, and win at the ‘game’ instead of just watching someone else’s movie from the outside.

About Glenn Twiddle

Glenn is internationally recognised as the Number 1 Real Estate Trainer in the country and is the founder and CEO of the Queensland Real Estate Agents’ Summit (QREAS).


Glenn is a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author of the Advanced Hypnotic Selling series, as well as other training resources, all designed to give salespeople an unfair advantage over their competition.

He teaches sales people a step by step, paint by numbers method of selling and running their businesses more effectively, using teachable, easy to follow sales and marketing systems, that have earned he and his clients millions of dollars and if you learn the strategies and apply them in the manner that he describes them, there’s a good chance they’ll work for you too.


For a free gift from Glenn, and an introduction to his work, make sure you get the free gift on the home page of this site, or go to his home page blog at to learn more about this intriguing subject.